Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe Supplier, Hard Chrome Piston Rod Supplier

Golden Asia is a professional manufacturer and supplier of seamless cylinder tube, hard chrome shaft, hydraulic cylinder barrel, hydraulic piston rod, seamless carbon steel pipe and hydraulic honed tube. These seamless carbon steel pipe, hydraulic cylinder barrel, cylinder tube, hydraulic piston rod, hydraulic shaft and hydraulic honed tube can be applied to forklift, lifter, grinding machine, mining equipment, injecting & die casting machine, excavators, hydraulic sawing machine, agricultural machinery, hydraulic cylinder.
Equipped with advanced machineries and testing instrument, we provide seamless carbon steel pipe, hydraulic cylinder barrel , hydraulic honed tube, hydraulic piston rod and hydraulic chrome shaft. The diameter we provide from 5mm to 500mm, and also offer both the metric system and the imperial unit. Our products can be supplied upon request.