Golden Asia is a professional manufacturer of cylinder tube, hydraulic pipe tubing, seamless carbon steel, hydraulic tubing, seamless tube, cylinder chrome rod, hard chrome bar, hydraulic piston rod, hydraulic shaft, piston shaft, hard chrome plated steel bar, induction hardened chromed shaft and precision stainless tube/rod for heavy machinery, the industry of hydraulics, mining and agricultural machinery.
We are proud of offering the best service and quality by using the precise method to ensure quality control. Our products are distributed around the world and we provide for many world-renowned companies.
Therefore, we obtained the prize "12th Raising Star" and "The Model of Taiwanese Entrepreneur” awarded by the Taiwanese government, which gave recognition of the excellent service and the highest quality of Golden Asia. Besides, we are awarded as “The Best Supplier” from Parker Taiyo.
With the highly remarkable feedback from our international customer; today, Golden Asia is recognized as a leading company in the market of hydraulics, cylinder tube, seamless tube, hydraulic shaft and hydraulic piston rod.



Certified ISO-9001、ISO-14001、ISO-50001、ISO-45001
Red and white paper tube packaging
Chrome machine for hydraulic piston rod/chrome rod/hydraulic shaft



Golden Asia is specializing in manufacturing and supplying cylinder tube, honing seamless steel pipe, hydraulic pipe tubing, seamless tube, hydraulic cylinder piston rod, piston shaft, hard chrome plated steel bar and hard chrome rod, hydraulic shaft for pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder and guide rods for automated machinery, including varieties of vehicles, construction equipment, agricultural machinery, mining equipment, oil drilling platforms and lifting platforms.



Parker Taiyo awarded the best supplier to Golden Asia

With cooperation with PARKER TAIYO for more than 15 years, Golden Asia Industrial Co., Ltd was invited to attend the supplier day of PARKER TAIYO in November,2016. Within the supplier day, Golden Asia has won the best supplier award for high quality product, good service and fast delivery. Our president Ms. Chen YuYu said “PARKER TAIYO has more than 700 suppliers from Japan, Europe, U.S.A and Taiwan, and we are appreciated Golden Asia was awarded the best supplier. We devoted to offering high quality seamless tube, hydraulic piston rod, cylinder tube, hydraulic shaft and chrome rod. Thanks for positive feedback from PARKER TAIYO, it motivates Golden Asia to progress and put customers’ requirements as a top priority.”