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Cylinder Chrome Rod (Hard Chrome Bar) Manufacturer and Supplier

Golden Asia Industrial Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of hard chrome plated rod, hydraulic piston rod and cylinder piston rod in Taiwan.

The production procedure of the cylinder chrome rod:
Golden Asia will check the material of cylinder chrome rod; then do a precision grinding process, and the surface undergoes a hard chrome surface treatment.
The surface precision accuracy reaches to f8. Our chemical solution adopts HEEF 25RS from the United States, which assure our cylinder chrome rod a perfect chrome layer.

Material of cylinder chrome rod:
The cylinder chrome rod material includes JIS S45C, SAE1045, DIN CK45, JIS G4105, SCM440, SAE4140, and DIN 42CrMo4. Also, we provide stainless cylinder chrome rod, such as SUS304, SUS316 and SUS410.
Other material of cylinder chrome rod can be supplied upon request.

Treatment of cylinder chrome rod: treatment of induction hardened, quenched and tempered can be supplied upon request.

Application of cylinder chrome rod:
The cylinder chrome rod is used for the hydraulic cylinder, such as the hydraulic mechanism adopted on the heavy machinery, construction equipment, oil drilling platform and mining equipment. The Seamless Stainless cylinder chrome rod is ideal for the sensor cylinders, mechanical guide rods, medical supplies, vessels and ships.

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